The Cross-Database Virtual Data Warehouse
The simplest way to connect data silos, and transform into business impact, without messing with your data.
Why CannerFlow?
Having a robust data solution
Data-driven decision making is critical for businesses, but building data solutions never been easy, from sources to transformation, and to end results each step needs lots of effort to build and maintain. CannerFlow make it simple.
CannerFlow helps companies to solve data issues from bottom to top, minified the efforts of different positions to work with data.
The New Virtual Data Warehouse

Fastest path to insights

Empower companies to get insights from their data silos without building complex data pipelines.

Single platform

Building data piplines from open source tools or using cloud solutions still involve complex architecture and setups. Get started using CannerFlow in one-click.

Reduce cost

CannerFlow setups virtualize data warehouse environment, instead of physical data warehouse solutions reduce cost up to 70%, and run efficently without data pipelines.

Low turnkey

Now, starting your data pipelines you no longer need to get familiar with lots of tools, CannerFlow is a low turnkey solution, which can setup in minutes.
What’s Included
Connecting Data Silos

Canner's data virutalization technic. Unify data in your team from connecting cross data sources and transform in seconds, without building ETL pipelines.

Parallel Aggregation
Data Access Control
Team Collaboration
Product Details
Data-driven Insights Made Simple
Connect to sources
Connect to BI
Data analysis tools
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