Data Management Made Simple

Accelerate Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and Big Data development and adoption for your business.

Innovative data management platform

Manage, audit, analyze, and share data within your organization with ease.


Need an simple way to manage your data?

Data is a valuable assets for enterprises and we help our customers to harness the power of data by aggregating data silos.

Scattered Data Silos

Does your company have datasets scattered in many different places, such as databases, files, and APIs? We provide solutions to connect the dots in an effective and simple way.


Data Debt Crisis

According to Harvard Business Review most data stored in companies are bad data. Such burden of data handicaps decision making crucial in execution of the business.


Data Collaboration don't work

Data management is a team work, involving various teams in the company. Current ways of data collaboration is broken and hard to track of in the long term.


What Canner Do?

Manage your data right in one place, with Canner.

creditcardData Unification in Minutes

Connecting to data sources in minutes not days or even months

devData Analysis in Unified Platform

Analyze all the data sources in one place instead of juggling between platforms and tools.

globeEffortless Data Collaboration

Collaborating data projects should be as easy as working on different documents with Dropbox but instead in a Jupyter notebook environment.

creditcardSupport both cloud and on-premise

No matter where you store your data, on-premise or even hybrid infrastructure, Canner can connect them altogether.

devFast computing and scalable

Canner leverage the cloud computing infrastructure to help you scale when you go big!

globeUpgrade your data strategy.

Nowadays, enterprise data usages are the key factor when globalization, upgrade your data strategy to win the future.

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