Current solutions are complex, and require lots of effort
High complexity
There are lots of great tools out there, but none of them are easy enough to get started right away.
Steep learning curve
Often developers need to spend days or even months to get through all the difficulties and steep learning curve.
High maintenance cost
Companies developers will leave and replace with new maintainers, mostly it is difficult to handover the complexity of tools and settings.
Data pipelines are complex and difficult
From source to end results, not only data silos are hard to connect, but also difficult to manage and control admissions from groups.
Now, Canner makes data simple
Fastest path to insights
Empower companies to get insights from their data silos without building complex data pipelines.
Single platform
Building data piplines from open source tools or using cloud solutions still involve complex architecture and setups. Get started using CannerFlow in one-click.
Reduce cost
CannerFlow setups optimal environments for companies to reduce tremendously cost on the cloud, and run efficently.
Low turnkey
Get started your data pipelines you no longer need to get familiar with lots of tools, CannerFlow is a low turnkey solution, which can setup in minutes.
Introducing CannerFlow
The simplest virtual data warehouse solution for enterprises, low turnkey, powerful and secure.
Product Details